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We are currently offering the 100 sec. Fire Inhibitor MangiaFuoco!

Small, Easy and Effective Fire Inhibitor: MangiaFuoco

MangiaFuoco’s state of the art design makes it not only technologically advanced but also stylish and portable. Fits in any glove compartment, is 450gr heavy an 33cm long! MangiaFuoco resembles a flare stick in appearance and is equally easy to use. When needed just remove the cap off MangiaFuoco and fix it at the bottom of its blue handle. There is a yellow ring on the top of the stick. MangiaFuoco gets activated the moment the yellow ring is removed. Before removing the yellow ring,  MangiaFuoco should be moved towards the affected area.

How it works: A simple chemical reaction is triggered the moment the yellow ring is removed from the tip of the MangiaFuoco. Once the stick is triggered a jet of visible gas is emitted with pressure strong enough to suppress the flames. The duration of this emission is 100 seconds, which is more as compared to the emission duration of traditional extinguishers. Potassium Nitrate used in MangiaFuoco combines with oxygen in seconds which leads to unavailability of oxygen to support combustion; this makes the procedure of suppressing fire seamlessly fast and easy.

Environmentally friendly: The gas emitted as a result of the chemical reaction in the MangiaFuoco is an aerosol and hence there is no residue left on the surface it is used on. It is advised that the area in flames should be sprayed with gas continuously until the fire is completely suppressed to avoid re-ignition. MangiaFuoco is only for single use, and once deployed will discharge continuously for 100 seconds.

Most Extinguishers use chemicals which leave a mess behind and are especially damaging to electronics. MangiaFuoco does not leave chemicals or residue after its use and hence you don’t have to worry about your electronics while using it. Extremely Lightweight and easy to use. As opposed to the traditional bulky fire extinguishers  MangiaFuoco does not need any maintenance. It is a single use product which can be easily discarded after use. Because of its light weight MangiaFuoco can be used with one hand. 

Can be used for almost all fires. MangiaFuoco’s cutting edge technology is packed in a light and portable design which is extremely easy to carry, can be used on any kind of surface as it does not leave residues, does not need any maintenance and can be easily discarded as it is 100% eco-friendly. MangiaFuoco has the capability to suppress all types of fires rated in the following classes: A, B, C & E


1 Remove Cap

2  Fix Cap at the bottom to extend reach

3 Pull yellow ring to activate

4 Spray on bottom of Fire